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Welcome to Arrested Sun 

Old School social networking applied to the heaviest topic of our time

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3" X 2.74" actual size

This little Sticker may

have the Power to Change Your World !

... by enabling you to softly profess your awareness 

Stick it on something !

... and find a friend in this fight 


"The sooner you accept the fact that your skies are being sprayed to control your mind and to control your weather, the sooner the rest of life’s many truths will become more readily self-evident".



After many years of struggling to bring attention to the ongoing climate engineering assault, I decided back in 2018 that it was perhaps time to consider a different approach.
I often felt that the stark imagery and scientifically saturated dialogue I was presenting to people was, for many, simply too overwhelming to approach, let alone accept, thus stifling the hopes of further investigation on their part.
A softer delivery to this harsh reality, to elicit a foremost sense of curiosity about the topic, rather than a socially programmed knee jerk reaction, is what I believed was needed.
For inspiration, I looked back to the days of my youth, back to the 1970's, a time when bumper stickers and T-shirts were king, and some of the greatest tools for personal expression and profession.

Thus, Arrested Sun was born.
Available initially as a clear back 3” x 2.74” sticker, Arrested Sun offers the opportunity to profess your awareness of the ongoing climate engineering assault, while hopefully encouraging others to casually inquire about the topic due to the playful nature of the design.
The sticker is $5 (US), to include both postage and handling.
A residual benefit, and perhaps the ultimate goal, would be the creation of a social network by which those awakened to the Geoengineering atrocity may now have a way to identify each other.
As we all know, too often has loneliness and isolation been the result of taking a stand on this most taboo of topics.
Nonetheless, if we can identify each other, then perhaps we can experience community.
Even if we were to accomplish nothing more, that itself would truly be a worthwhile result.

"Arrested Sun is a grassroots movement with the primary goal of creating a sense of community for those who are already awakened to the ongoing Geoengineering atrocity.
Our hope is that our Sticker will bring you peace when you see it, by letting you know that you are not alone in this struggle".


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Best 3 minute "wake-up" video ever !

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Steven Chamberlain of Nikiski, Alaska - HERO !

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Click to watch Overcast, circa 2009


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Global Skywatch Geoengineering Activist Website
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Dr. Judy Wood's Compelling Book about 9/11/01
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